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Happy Valentine’s Day! February 14, 2009

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Happy Valentine’s Day! May you receive many gifts of chocolate. And if you don’t, do not despair—tomorrow there will be much chocolate on sale!


Chocolate sale at Amazon February 2, 2009

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During the month of February, is offering $20 off purchases of Toblerone, Cote d’Or, Milka, and Terry’s chocolates when you spend $49 or more. Enter promotional code “TOBLERCT” at checkout to receive the discount. These chocolates are sold in packs of 6, 10, 12, and 40 (!), so this may only be of interest to hardcore chocoholics or those wishing to buy large quantities to give as gifts.


How to taste chocolate February 1, 2009

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Chocolate connoisseurs differ in how they taste chocolates, so I find it interesting when others describe their tasting process. David Bacco, of David Bacco Chocolats in Madison, Wis., describes his process in the February 2009 issue of Brava:

Take your time and taste your chocolates before a meal to maximize your sensory impressions … Warm the chocolate gently between your thumb and forefinger to release the aromas, particularly the bright upper notes. Let the truffle rest on your tongue and breathe through your nose to aerate the flavor panel and release the vivid sensations. Then roll the truffle to coat the mouth and let the different parts of the tongue experience the flavors prior to swallowing.

How about you? Do you have a special way of tasting chocolates?