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After Christmas Sales on Chocolate December 29, 2008

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What are the best after Christmas specials? Those on chocolate, of course! This year promises to be a windfall for chocoholics, with chocolatiers and stores selling leftover holiday merchandise at steep discounts.  For example, the following are each offering at least 50% off holiday chocolates:

  • Lake Champlain (shop online)
  • Macy’s (in-store only)
  • Walgreens (in-store only)

Know of any other deals? Share the joy by leaving a comment!


A social network for chocolate lovers December 26, 2008

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Today a flickr friend invited me to join The Chocolate Life, a social network for chocolate aficionados. I wasn’t sure what to expect—so many niche social networks are amateurish at best—but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The site has quite a few members (634 as of today) and many appear to be active. In addition to member profiles, there are photos, videos, discussions, and information on chocolate-related events. Sound interesting? Head over to The Chocolate Life and sign up. It’s easy to join and it’s free!


The Art of Chocolate December 19, 2008

The Art of Chocolate
Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer?  Trader Joe’s has the perfect gift: “The Art of Chocolate”.  Each 3.25″ square box contains nine miniature Belgian chocolates: a crisp hazelnutpaste praliné, a crisp chocolate truffle, a cream and vanilla truffle, a white and milk chocolate praliné, a milk chocolate praliné, a dark chocolate mocha praliné, a dark chocolate cream and pistachio truffle, a white chocolate praliné, and a white chocolate mocha praliné. They’re quite good, too. Perhaps not as smooth as higher-end gourmet chocolates, but tasty nonetheless. Plus, they look adorable in their tiny box. The best part, though? At $1.99 per box you can afford to buy one for every Christmas stocking in your home!


Le Tour du Chocolat December 14, 2008

In the travel section of today’s New York Times, Amy Thomas writes about “Le Tour du Chocolat“: her one-day tour of eight chocolatiers in Paris (see map).  Fittingly, she biked between stops. If you have a chance to visit Paris, this sounds like the perfect vacation activity!