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Coupon for M&M’s Premiums July 30, 2008

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Last week I wrote about the new M&M’s Premiums.  If you’re looking for an excuse to give them a try, I just learned that Walgreens has a $2 off coupon on page 4 of their August 2008 EasySaver Catalog.


Triple Chocolate M&M’s July 23, 2008

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Triple Chocolate M&M's

Have you tried the new M&M’s Premiums? They’re Mars’ latest foray into the semi-upscale chocolate segment. Sold in elongated vertical boxes, premium M&M’s come in five varieties: Chocolate Almond, Mocha, Triple Chocolate, Raspberry Almond, and Mint Chocolate.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Triple Chocolate variety at Walgreens yesterday. Opening the plastic pouch that’s inside the box, I sampled one of the plump, multicolored chocolates. The milk chocolate center was coated with a layer of white chocolate, which in turn was ensconced in a thin layer of dark chocolate (see cross section). Surprisingly, the exterior wasn’t crunchy like a normal M&M. Not sure why Mars decided against the traditional M&M shell—doesn’t quite seem like an M&M without it.

Nevertheless, these M&M’s are tasty! The chocolate is smoother and less sugary than that of regular M&M’s, and the mixture of milk, white, and dark chocolate is quite nice, although the dark doesn’t come through quite as strongly as I would like. The only drawback? The price. At Walgreens, a 6oz package will set you back $4.99. I highly recommend giving them a try, but you’ll have to decide whether they’re worth adding to your chocolate diet.