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Reese’s Whipps January 26, 2008

Reese's WhippsHave you tried Reese’s Whipps yet? They’re like 3 Musketeers, but with a peanut butter-flavored whip in the center. Separating the whip from a milk chocolate exterior is a thin layer of peanut butter candy. The overall peanut butter flavor isn’t as pronounced as in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but it’s noticeable nonetheless.

Reese’s Whipps are also similar to 3 Musketeers in that they have “40% less fat than the leading chocolate candy. ” (Mars claims 3 Musketeers have “45% less fat than [the] average of the leading chocolate brands.”) To make up for the fat, Hershey’s apparently decided to increase the sugar content, as Reese’s Whipps are awfully sweet.

Personally, I think I’d go for a 3 Musketeers if I was in the mood for whipped chocolate, and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or ReeseSticks if I was in the mood for peanut butter and chocolate. If you really want both, though, perhaps Reese’s Whipps will work for you.


Trader Joe’s 100 Calorie Chocolate Bars January 21, 2008

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TJ's 100 Calorie Milk Chocolate BarsI discovered this new treasure at Trader Joe’s yesterday: 100 calorie chocolate bars. They come in two varieties, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I was in the mood for milk chocolate, so I went with those. Now I’m kicking myself for not getting one of each!

In the box are five individually wrapped chocolate bars, each weighing .63 ounces. A box sells for $1.99, so that’s roughly $.63 per ounce. This compares favorably with Hershey’s 100 calorie chocolate bars, which go for around $.79 per ounce.

The chocolate bars themselves are thin and long. This seemed a bit odd until I realized that the shape actually enhances the experience, as it allows the chocolate to melt more easily in your mouth. Add to that the smooth texture and rich chocolate taste and you have a delightful little treat with only 100 calories!


Belgian Chocolate Popsicles January 9, 2008

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Chocolate PopsiclesThese Bite-Sized Belgian Chocolate Popsicles from Cocoa Deli are part of Walgreens’ Christmas clearance sale, which means you can get them for 75% off while they’re in stock. Even at 75% off, I hesitated—they come in a paper tub after all—but I couldn’t resist. I just had to see what Belgian chocolate popsicles were.

Perhaps not surprisingly, they’re chocolates in the shape of popsicles. Slightly larger than boxed chocolates, each individually-wrapped popsicle has a small chocolate extrusion for its “stick”. The popsicles come in four flavors: vanilla caramel, citrus chocolate, peppermint crunch truffle, and raspberry truffle. The flavors are not evenly distributed, though; my tub contained mostly vanilla caramel, with only one raspberry truffle.

For over-the-counter Belgian chocolates made in England, these aren’t half bad. If you’re in the mood for a tub of chocolate, definitely see if they’re on sale at your local Walgreens.


Reese Hazelnut Crème January 8, 2008

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Reese Hazelnut CrèmeI had been lusting after the Reese Hazelnut Crème ever since I saw this photo on flickr. As far as I know it’s not available in the U.S., so a friend kindly sent me some from Canada. The packaging is gorgeous; you can just imagine your teeth sinking into the soft chocolate and creamy hazelnut.

Sadly, this is not the case. Unlike Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, these are hard, all the way from the solid chocolate exterior to the firm hazelnut center. They also seem smaller than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Curiously, they’re missing the signature wax paper that normally cradles each cup. And although hazelnuts are listed as an ingredient (after “sugar, modified milk ingredients, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, hydrogenated coconut oil”), there isn’t much of a hazelnut taste.

Overall, a very poor showing by Hershey’s. Happily, my friend had also sent some Coffee Crisp by Nestlé, which quickly eased my disappointment with the Reese’s!


Chocolate as a cough suppressant? January 6, 2008

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Candy Blog has an interesting piece on the use of chocolate as a cough suppressant.  Apparently, theobromine, the chemical in chocolate that is poisonous to dogs, suppresses coughs in humans.  Not sure how effective it is, but it sounds like a good excuse for eating chocolate when you have a cold!


Chocolate-covered snowmen January 5, 2008

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Chocolate Snowman CookiesThese chocolate-covered shortbread cookies from Jo’s Candies in Torrance, Calif. are truly decadent. Regularly $4.99 for a package of three, they were on sale at Whole Foods yesterday for $2.99. The buttery richness of the shortbread nicely complements the chocolaty exterior. Add a cup of hot cocoa and you’ll be in chocolate heaven!


Chocolate mice January 2, 2008

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Chocolate MiceA friend told me about these adorable chocolate mice from L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates in Walpole, New Hampshire. They come in three flavors: dark chocolate with orange and dark interior, milk chocolate with coffee and dark interior, and white chocolate with cinnamon and dark interior.

If mice creep you out, don’t fret. L.A. Burdick also sells boxes of dark and white chocolate penguins.