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The Art of Chocolate December 19, 2008

The Art of Chocolate
Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer?  Trader Joe’s has the perfect gift: “The Art of Chocolate”.  Each 3.25″ square box contains nine miniature Belgian chocolates: a crisp hazelnutpaste praliné, a crisp chocolate truffle, a cream and vanilla truffle, a white and milk chocolate praliné, a milk chocolate praliné, a dark chocolate mocha praliné, a dark chocolate cream and pistachio truffle, a white chocolate praliné, and a white chocolate mocha praliné. They’re quite good, too. Perhaps not as smooth as higher-end gourmet chocolates, but tasty nonetheless. Plus, they look adorable in their tiny box. The best part, though? At $1.99 per box you can afford to buy one for every Christmas stocking in your home!


The Chocolate Gallery April 6, 2008

Chocolate CaramelsHave you heard of The Chocolate Gallery? It’s a small chocolatier in Goleta, Calif. Apparently they’re best known for their novelty chocolates—personalized chocolate telegrams, gold foiled coins, chocolate molded into various sizes and shapes, from dinosaurs to computer accessories. They also make more traditional chocolates, however, and it was these that I recently had the pleasure of sampling.

I started with a pair of dark and milk chocolate chews. Although I’m not generally a fan of caramel, I have to admit I was impressed. The centers were neither too salty nor too sweet, and they perfectly complemented the rich, smooth, creamy milk and dark chocolate exteriors.

Next up were the meltaways and truffles. Not unexpectedly, the exteriors were similar to those of the chews. A surprise was waiting inside, though! Instead of a simple texture, the interiors were simultaneously smooth and granular. Or alternately smooth and granular? It’s difficult to describe, but it created a most interesting mouthfeel. And bonus—the truffles were enormous!  [UPDATE: not all of the meltaways/truffles had this unique texture.  Perhaps it’s limited to certain flavors?]

Chocolates from The Chocolate Gallery can be purchased in-store or ordered via the web or phone. I recommend using the first page of their web site to navigate the categories of their online catalog, as the myriad of product listings can be overwhelming.


Lindt Lindor Truffles December 9, 2007

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Lindor Truffles
Today at Walgreens I discovered Lindt Lindor Truffles for $1.25 per 5.1oz bag (after discount and mail-in rebate). If you haven’t tried Lindt’s “60% Extra Dark” truffles yet, now would be the time! To avoid palate fatigue, I recommend alternating milk or white truffles with the dark, so you may want to pick up a variety.

If you found yesterday’s post on tasting chocolate interesting, you may also enjoy Lindt’s take on the subject, Chocology: Tasting Chocolate.