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Hershey’s Kiss Dessert Fondue Maker March 18, 2009

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Just came across this and had to share: dessert fondue makers in the shape of Hershey’s Kisses! How cute is that? Haven’t tried one myself, but they’re currently on sale at Amazon. Originally $14.99, they’re now as low as $5.11 (66% off). Curiously, the discount depends on the color: silver is 51% off, gold is 66% off, red is 65% off, and green is 33% off. Hershey’s chocolate not included.


One Response to “Hershey’s Kiss Dessert Fondue Maker”

  1. greenbatter Says:

    That sounds cool. I’d try making fondue from this contraption with either white chocolate Lindor or hard caramel candies. (Caramel Fondue. White Cocoa Fondue)

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