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Double Chocolate Bread Pudding March 30, 2008

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Double Chocolate Bread PuddingIf you want to experience chocolate heaven, you must try The Red Fish Grill‘s Double Chocolate Bread Pudding. Seriously, it’s worth a trip to New Orleans just for this. It’s not easy to describe, but it’s a bit like a super rich, super moist brownie/cake with a delectable, crunchy crust on top. They bake it when you order it, so it’s served piping hot. As you eat, a triangular piece of white and milk chocolate that’s wedged in the middle gradually melts, making every bite a chocolate sensation. And as if that weren’t enough, the server drowns the whole thing in melted milk and white chocolate at the table. Pure decadence! The only drawback is it takes 20 minutes to bake, so make sure you order it with your entré.

Thanks to beautifulcataya for uploading the photo at right to flickr.


Fat Pig Chocolate March 14, 2008

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Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a chocolate bar that celebrates gluttony. Or is it truth in advertising? Either way, it catches your attention, doesn’t it?

What do you think? Is this the next big thing in chocolate? Would you buy it? Would you give it as a gift to a friend? If you’ve tried it, how was the chocolate?

So many questions! We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for developments on the Oinkganic Milk Chocolate front. In the meantime, check their web site, which is still under development, for availability.


Nestlé Coffee Crisp comes to the U.S. March 10, 2008

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Nestlé Coffee Crisp
My friend in Montréal tells me Nestlé Coffee Crisp has quite a cult following in Canada. In fact, there was even an Internet petition to bring Coffee Crisp to the United States. Amazingly, the petition was a success, and Nestlé has begun marketing Coffee Crisp to U.S. consumers.

So what is Coffee Crisp? According to Nestlé, it’s a wafer bar with a coffee crème center. Given the name and the tagline (“How do you like your coffee?”), it should come as no surprise that coffee is one of the ingredients. Sadly, there isn’t much of a coffee flavor. Certainly nothing as flavorful as Ritter Sport’s Cappuccino chocolate bar, for instance. There is a bit of a caffeine kick, though, so perhaps that’s the purpose of the coffee.

My disappointment with the flavor notwithstanding, the Coffee Crisp has a nice crunch to it. At 260 calories, I’m not sure it qualifies as a “light snack” (as advertised on the packaging), but it’s true that it doesn’t taste as rich as other chocolate snacks. In fact, it reminds me of Little Debbie Nutty Bars, albeit lighter, crunchier, and sans peanut butter flavor.

I wouldn’t go out of my way for a Coffee Crisp, but if you happen to see one at your local retailer, give it a try. If nothing else, you’ll know what your friends north of the border are raving about!

(For the latest on the availability of Coffee Crisp in the U.S., see Nestlé Coffee Crisp bar is finally coming to the USA.)