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More good news for dark chocolate lovers September 23, 2008

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Looking for an excuse to down that last, lonely square of dark chocolate? A recent study found that eating 6.7 grams of dark chocolate a day can help protect against heart disease. Apparently, the antioxidants in cocoa seeds reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Now that’s my kind of medicine!

Sadly, 6.7 grams is just slightly more than the weight of a single Hershey’s kiss. And no, more is not better!


2 Responses to “More good news for dark chocolate lovers”

  1. I agree that more is not necessarily better, but one more piece of dark chacolate couldn’t hurt, could it? I got the M & M Premiums and I’m dying to try them in a recipe. How does White chocolate blueberry cupcakes sound? Topped off the blueberry buttercreme frosting tinted a blue/purple. Then top that off with an M & M. Great blog.

  2. […] 2:16 pm Tags: chocolate, cholesterol, CocoaVia, plant sterols Remember the study that showed that chocolate can help protect against heart disease? Now Mars, Inc. has a line of chocolates that can reduce your cholesterol, too. CocoaVia dark […]

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