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Ritter Sport Squares December 17, 2007

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Ritter Sport Squares
As you might surmise from the photo at right, Ritter Sport squares were on sale at a local grocery store this weekend. What a perfect time to stock up for the holidays!

If you haven’t seen these before, Ritter Sport squares are quality chocolate “bars” made in Germany. There’s quite a variety, too. Pictured here are (from top to bottom) dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts, yogurt, cappuccino, dark chocolate with marzipan, milk chocolate with whole almonds, milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts, white chocolate with whole hazelnuts, milk chocolate with butter biscuit, milk chocolate with praliné, leche milk chocolate, alpine milk chocolate, dark chocolate à la mousse au chocolat, dark chocolate (50% cocoa), and fine extra dark chocolate (71% cocoa).

According to the Ritter web site, they also make diet chocolate squares, although I have yet to find these in the U.S.


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