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Trader Joe’s Natural Mint Cocoa December 12, 2007

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Trader Joe's Natural Mint Cocoa
It’s back! Trader Joe’s Natural Mint Cocoa is on the shelves again at Trader Joe’s grocery stores, now $2.99 for a 10oz canister. Made with cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, and peppermint oil, this hot chocolate is to die for. If you get addicted make sure you stock up now, though, because they only carry it during the holidays.


2 Responses to “Trader Joe’s Natural Mint Cocoa”

  1. andy kaufman Says:

    I would like to knowwhy the mint hot chocolate is no longer available at TJ’S?
    The hot chocolate that is being sold now, is very pricey, and less quantity.
    Why is it TJ’S always stops carrying items that are really great? TJ’S is my
    favorite store, however I am not happy the way they stop carrying things that I really like. Why can’t there be some customer imput on the items?
    Please let the customers pick and choose what to get rid of. It really doesn’t seem like customer decisions are taken into consideration.

  2. P. North Says:

    I have been hoarding the last can I purchased of TJ’s Natural Mint Cocoa. Thank goodness you have gotten it back!!! The mint cocoa that you have had is NOT even close and is more $$ for less and inferior product.
    PLEASE keep the Natural Mint Cocoa on your shelves

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