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Hosting a chocolate tasting December 8, 2007

Hosting a Chocolate Tasting
The other day I received my free chocolate from Green & Black’s Appreciate the Darkness promotion. In the mailer were two 1.2oz bars: a cocoa-rich milk chocolate bar (34% cocoa) and a bittersweet dark chocolate bar (70% cocoa). The milk chocolate was a bit gritty for my taste, but the dark chocolate was quite nice.

Included with the chocolate was an insert titled “Hosting a Chocolate Tasting”, which I found interesting. Here’s an excerpt:

  • Ensure your chocolate is at room temperature.
  • Limit yourself to around six varieties, allowing two squares each per person.
  • Start with the lightest variety (white) and finish with the darkest (85%).
  • Observe the appearance of the chocolate … Like wine, intensity of color does not necessarily indicate intensity of flavor.
  • Take a small piece and let it melt between your thumb and forefinger. Smell the aromas coming off of the chocolate.
  • Taste the chocolate by putting a piece in your mouth and pinching your nose. This way, only the tastes your tongue can detect (salt, sweet, sour, bitter, savory) and the sensations and texture your mouth can detect (including astringency and the cooling effect of the cocoa butter) will be apparent.
  • Release your nose and continue to allow the chocolate to melt slowly on the tongue. Be aware of the tastes (floral, fruity, nutty), how it feels in the mouth, its texture (smooth, gritty, fatty), and how the aromas/flavors develop and change in the mouth/nose as time passes.
  • Everyone’s experience will be slightly different, so share and enjoy!

Time to host a chocolate tasting!


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